the basic details

Name: Janice Corinne Noske
Current Locale: West Hollywood, CA
Original Locale: San Antonio, TX

the big stuff

Once upon a time in Texas there was a girl who liked math, dancing, prancing, drawing stuff, television, and cats. (It has always been about TV & cats.) I was super nerdy, taking extra math and science classes. But I also donned a shiny uniform and high-kicked my way through high school football halftime shows. After all that business, I Goldilocks-ed my way through college, trying on biology, psychology, and interpreting for the Deaf before finally settling on graphic design. Don't worry, all of that schoolin' didn't get in the way of important things like perfecting my salsa recipe and not-so-silently judging your music choices as an indie record store clerk.

When I finally stepped out into the real world, I was lucky enough to earn a spot at Zeitgraph, a well-respected San Antonio boutique design stuido. The times were good and so were the projects, until they weren't and I found myself in need of a new professional home. After a brief stretch of "funemployment," spent searching for the end of the Internet and the perfect ice cream (bee-tee-dubs, it is the defunct Ben & Jerry's Southern Pecan Pie), I was welcomed into the Aquent stable of talent. The fine folks at Aquent kept me busy with a variety of clients and eventually tempted me up the I-35 corridor to Austin. After some time spent hopping around the Austin scene I made long-term commitment to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

But educational publishing wasn't all I was doing with my time. I kept up with salsa making, saw a ton of great bands and great films, spent some time mentoring junior high school students, and fell in love with festivals. You see, Austin is a town big on events and festivals and I was fortunate to be a part of ATX Television Festival, Fantastic Fest, and Wizard World Austin, allowing me to indulge my totally healthy obsession with movies, TV, and pop culture. It was through these events and the connections I made I realized a big change was needed. It was time to move on, from HMH and from Texas. In July of 2012 I packed up my stuff, my boyfriend, and my cats and teleported us out to California. Okay, fine. I had to make the horrible drive along I-10 just like everyone else. So here we are in West Hollywood. (Pro tip: Don't do this move in the summertime.)

Since the migration, I've had many exciting exploits. I've been to Disneyland. A lot. I've seen Dwight Yoakam at the grocery store. I've worked on a film and a television set. I have also become something of a brunch expert. Now it's time for the rest of my California Adventure! (See what I did there?)

the other stuff

I am a self-proclaimed word nerd with a fasion "problem." I'm a big supporter of alphabetizing, categorizing, and color-coding just about everything, even my closet. I staunchly believe that a burrito is good, but tacos are better, especially breakfast tacos. Did I already mention I am super into TV and cats? Oh, I did? Well, then. I also really like board games, carny rides, crossword puzzles, pop culture and sci-fi novels, team trivia, and old school video games. And I walk in LA. I've been told that makes me weird.